Equipping You with Expert IT Skills

Operate an Efficient, Safe Computer with Servicing by Skilled Technicians in Bideford, Devon

Battling with a broken computer is a frustrating, time-consuming task. Attempting to troubleshoot IT-related issues on your own will often lead to wasted time and added irritation. Thankfully, at Home Computer Tuition and Servicing, in Bideford, Devon, we have a team of computer servicing experts on standby to come to your rapid rescue. As a reputable company, we provide computer maintenance solutions for the swift and smooth operation of your machine.

Trusted Specialists in Computer Servicing

Look no further than Home Computer Tuition and Servicing when you want to enjoy using a lightning-fast machine. Our experts in computer servicing and maintenance assist you with any aspect of IT that you need help with. Perhaps you want to install a printer or scanner, and are encountering difficulty. You may even be setting up a camera, smart TV, tablet or gadget external to your computer. We also provide assistance with issues relating to the following:

- Sending and Receiving Emails 

– Malware and Virus' 

– Web Browsing 

– Internet Connectivity 

– Wi-Fi™

Providing Hassle-Free Computer Maintenance

Get in touch with our attentive technicians when you encounter an issue with any program on your computer. Our prompt professionals travel to your property to download the appropriate software, and provide you with any printouts you may refer to in the future. Typically, computer maintenance and servicing will take two hours, though it may take longer when there are multiple problems. Additionally, we install and transfer any important data, such as photographs or documents.

Computer Servicing That Meets Your Needs

Simply consult our speedy professionals when you want to received unrivalled assistance. Of course, we take pride in our work and always thoroughly check your setup before we leave. Our hard-working technicians do not rest until you are completely satisfied. Different to our tuition lessons, which are usually delivered in multiple sessions, our computer servicing is normally required a one-off. Of course, we are happy to provide multiple jobs where needed. To accommodate your budget, we price computer servicing at £27 per hour.

Installing Important Computer Software

Many typical IT technicians will attend your property to fix your computer, before leaving without offering additional help. However, at Home Computer Tuition and Servicing we go the extra mile to please our customers. Not only do we repair any computer-related issues you may have, but we also explain the process as we carry out the repairs. Additionally, we install any missing software on your behalf. This may include, for example, antivirus software or Microsoft Office™, which may take between two and four hours to install.

Trust Our Experts in Computer Maintenance

Take advantage of our IT services to receive exceptional value for money. At Home Computer Tuition and Servicing we sell products obtained from Amazon™ at discounted prices. We offer top-quality products at affordable prices, as well as installing them for you. What’s more, our technicians provide expert advice about the most suitable type of products to buy, and show you exclusive offers online. For added convenience, we even return any products you do not like on your behalf. We offer:

- Tablets 

– Laptops

– Computers 

– Keyboards 

– Computer Accessories

Contact us, in Bideford, Devon, to discover more about the computer servicing and maintenance solutions we provide as expert technicians.